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MultiTech Debuts Conduit 300 Gateway Developer Kit, Delivers Next-Gen Cloud Orchestration for the Industrial Internet of Things

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Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of Industrial IoT communication devices and services, today announced the MultiTech Conduit® 300 Series gateway developer kit is now shipping to partners as part of an early adopter initiative to build-in compatibility with leading IoT software platforms. The Conduit 300 series features mPowerTM Edge Intelligence to enable streamlined edge-to-cloud Orchestration and management. mPower Edge Intelligence is bolstered with a high-performance, secure processor and support for Docker and containers so customers can build and run distributed applications at scale at the edge of the network.

The latest addition to the award-winning MultiTech Conduit family is a 16-channel LoRaWAN® gateway with dual high-speed Ethernet ports and an embedded LTE cellular radio. It is driven by a secure Texas Instruments Sitara processor which enables software portability to a variety of processing configurations for future deployment and scalability. Standard GNSS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth together with built-in power-over-Ethernet make the Conduit 300 Series gateway developer kit ideal to support a variety of industrial IoT applications communicating with a diverse collection of end-points and protocols.

mPower Edge Intelligence simplifies integration with a variety of popular upstream IoT platforms to streamline edge-to-cloud data management and analytics, while also providing the programmability and processing capability to execute critical tasks at the edge of the network to reduce latency; control network and cloud services costs, and ensure core functionality – even in instances when network connectivity may not be available.

In response to evolving customer security requirements, mPower Edge Intelligence incorporates a host of new security features including signed firmware validation, enhanced firewall and VPN settings, secure authentication and more.

“The Conduit 300 Series gateway developer kit represents countless hours of innovation on the part of our hardware and software engineering team – all focused on delivering secure computing capabilities to the edge to enable cost savings, resiliency, improved integration and real-time response to our customers’ mission-critical industrial applications,” said David Tincher, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MultiTech. “In addition, it signifies a new approach to customer experience in which we bring our customers into our development process earlier to make sure their voices are heard as we finalize commercial offerings both tailored for their needs and suitable for mass adoption.”



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