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MIOTY ALLIANCE: Research and industry leaders launch next generation LPWAN-Technology for Massive IoT at embedded world MIOTY the game changer in wireless communication technology

Good morning IoT !

The MIOTY ALLIANCE will launch the software based MIOTY technology at the
embedded world Exhibition. MIOTY is the only ETSI-compliant Massive IoT protocol to overcome the limitations of common LPWAN solutions. It is hardware independent, and with its unique and patented telegram splitting technology, MIOTY
brings a breakthrough in scalability, reliability, mobility, energy efficiency and flexibility.
MIOTY aggregates millions of messages a day with a single base station,
achieves an unmatched interference immunity and transmits data with ultra-low power
consumption. It is a powerful IoT solution for verticals such as Industrial IoT or
Smart Cities, which need data transfer over 15 kilometers and data collection from
moving devices at 120 km/h velocity.
Manufacturers, communication providers and service developers, whose customer
solutions call for a forward-looking LPWAN technology that ensures high scalability and reliability can now get access to this cutting-edge technology in joining
the world’s premier alliance for Massive IoT. The MIOTY ALLIANCE is accepting
membership applications at mioty-alliance.com.
Texas Instruments, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Diehl
Metering, Diehl Connectivity Solutions, ifm, Ragsol, STACKFORCE, and WIKA
founded the MIOTY ALLIANCE to position the disruptive MIOTY technology as the
worldwide standard for Massive IoT applications. The MIOTY ALLIANCE offers the ideal
platform for developers, hardware manufacturers, system integrators, service
companies and end customers by providing an open, standardized and
interoperable eco system that addresses today’s and future needs for wireless
connectivity for the future of IoT.
“Reliable data transfer, low power and long range networks are essential to creating industrial IoT applications at scale. The MIOTY standard provides these
components and the performance to secure its position as the leading connectivity
option for worldwide Sub-1 GHz communication now and in the future,” said Mattias
Lange, general manager of Connectivity at TI.
“We see the MIOTY technology as a game changer in wireless communication that
provides the required scalability, data integrity and energy efficiency for verticals
such as Industrial IoT or Smart Cities. With MIOTY the traditional LPWAN solutions
which suffer from very limited suitability for massive IoT-deployments can reliably
be complemented or replaced”, explains Michael Schlicht, Deputy Chairman of the
MIOTY Alliance Executive Board.
“Taking the needs of manufacturers and end customers seriously, we are proud to
ensure worldwide interoperability along the entire value chain through standardization and certification programs,” states Hermann Trottler, Chairman of the MIOTY
Alliance Executive Board”.


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